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We were absolutely thrilled with the care Margaret provided us before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. She was extremely knowledgeable and thorough when it came to providing information on various birth options and support measures, very encouraging, compassionate and calm during my labour, and was a wealth of tips on newborn care when she visited us post-partum.
We greatly value her warm, easygoing personality and gentle, expert touch with our daughter, and would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone considering hiring a doula.
Stephanie and Stephen;parents of baby girl
We hired Margaret to support the birth of our second child.  Our first child was lost to stillbirth so I was very nervous about my subsequent induction. 

Margaret attended to me and my family with an amazing depth of experience throughout the labor. Not only was she my advocate she was the calm voice I could focus on during the often overwhelming process. When my birth plan changed she supported me in each decision I made without judgement. 
The final moments of my son’s birth were especially emotional and Margaret kept myself and my family calm and continued to provide the information that my son and I were fine and going to be ok. I can’t stress enough how important that is once you have lost a baby. The best example of this is immediately after my son was born he had to be suctioned and so couldn’t cry right away. The medical team didn’t tell us he was ok but, Margaret continued to reassure us that he was fine and explain why they were suctioning him. That moment alone made her care invaluable to me. 
The birth of any child is an emotional experience that often feels like things can change very quickly having Margaret as a support is something my husband and I recommend to anyone we know that are about to have a child. 
I am incredibly grateful to Margaret for her compassionate and calm care 

Edie & Dave ; parents of baby boy

Margaret is a very calm and gentle person.
 She helped me prepare for labour and the birth.
 She was very reassuring and whilst I was at hospital, she gave me
 lots of support and kept me calm when I really needed it.
 She made very helpful suggestions and supported me letting me
 make my own decisions.
 She is experienced with babies and intuitive to their needs.                                     
Cathy: Mom to baby boy  
  Dads and Doulas!
As a first time dad, I was nervous about what to expect and did not know how to best help my wife.  Margaret was essential in coaching my wife and I through the labouring process and the delivery of our daughter.  She went above and beyond my expectations.  We could not have done without her help and pain management support for my wife.  She was very calm and knowledgeable.  Furthermore, her post-partum support was outstanding.  She provided all manner of help from breastfeeding to recommendations on daycare.  I would highly recommend Margaret to any parent-to-be. 
Chris : Dad to baby girl
As a father-to-be, I was sceptical about hiring a doula to help with the arrival of our daughter.  Margaret immediately impressed me with her calm professionalism and warmth.  She has helped us in ways that we had not ever anticipated – from preparing our first diaper bag to evaluating daycare options.  Her approach of explaining, demonstrating and coaching has helped me immensely in developing the skills to care for my daughter.  Margaret has helped us to become more confident and relaxed parents, allowing us to truly enjoy our little girl!
Eric: Dad to baby girl
 Premature Babies

Margaret came to help us after we all arrived back from hospital.
The twins arrived at 29 weeks and I had been very ill after the birth so we decided that we were going to need the extra support.
Margaret was absolutely fantastic and from day one proved to be a huge
 help to our family. 
 She was able to work alongside me or was equally happy to take sole responsibility for them letting me crash to sleep or just get out and have
a quiet coffee on my own - returning feeling happier and to an ordered flat,
with happy babies.
It's so important to establish a routine in the early days, with feeding and napping times but can feel a bit of an impossible task on your own.  
Margaret's help with this was invaluable.
Margaret is a lovely presence in the home - she is calm and reassuring,
always striking the right balance between warmth and professionalism.
I would strongly recommend her to anyone, she is a brilliant doula.                   
Gabie: Mum to twin boys  
Margaret is extremely friendly, gentle, comforting, motivating, reassuring
and professional.
She managed to see where I needed help - sometimes before I realised it.  Margaret added value to my toddler's day (my daughter loves her!).
She is extremely organised and in control: I could leave all my three kids
with her!
What would you say she could improve on? 
I am an extremely critical person and I honestly can't say anything here
she is the perfect Doula.                                                     
 Marikje; Mum to twin boys and daughter   
I give Margaret 10 out of 10! She has a real gift and she should be proud of it.                                                                        
 Sophie: Mum to twin girls

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