Ottawa Bliss Doula - Prenatal Classes
Ottawa Bliss Doula - Pregnancy,Prenatal,Birth, Postpartum and Baby Support

Prenatal Classes in the Orleans area of Ottawa 
Class One
·        Stages of Labour
·        Comfort measures including relaxation                  and tools   Penny Simkin DVD
·        Positions in labour
·        Pain management options
Class Two
·        Making an informed decision
·        Common medical interventions
·        Writing a birth plan/birth wishes
·        Cesarean birth
Class Three
·        Post birth procedures for your babies
·        Recovery for Mom
·        Breastfeeding/feeding 
         Jack Newman DVD              
·        Newborn Cues: what to expect in the first 
·        ‘Baby Blues’/ Postpartum Depression
·        Community resources
Each class will last approximately two –three hours and will include DVD’s for you to watch in your own time, information and resources list plus email and telephone support.
Bliss Doula Prenatal package : $150.

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