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                                                                                  Julia & Austin

Postpartum Doula support can be invaluable for families with multiples ,offering guidance, reassurance, emotional  and practical support. 

Doula support will encourage confidence in parenting skills enabling families to cope with what can sometimes feel like a daunting time.

I have had the pleasure of supporting many families with multiples including one set of twins born at 29 weeks. Gabie, their Mom, talks about her experience of Postpartum Doula support on her testimonial page.

Want to know more about the benefits of Postpartum Doula support?

Testimonial from Julia & Austin's parents
We had the pleasure of having Margaret support us for three months after our twins were born. We knew we wanted to set ourselves up to have a bit of help for the first few months while caring for multiples, and after deliberating our options, we chose the route of a postpartum Doula and it was the best decision we could have made.

My husband and I both have large families that live in town and we knew they would be around and available to help, but having Margaret in our home was the most stable and wonderful gift we could have asked for in those first few weeks and months. It relieved stress and helped build our confidence as new parents.

We had a planned c-section and chose to have Margaret start supporting our family later that day, while we were still in the hospital in the recovery room. She was instantly involved in teaching us and helping with skin to skin and breast feeding, and she always had the most passive approach and personality, which is so comforting at a time like that.

Having Margaret at the hospital the day the twins were born allowed us to begin the journey/adventure together, straight away. We were brand new parents with two babies and she always had the answers for our millions of questions. We didn't want to have her begin supporting us after a few weeks and realize how much her experience and knowledge could have helped us learn from day one and assisted us in molding the babies into happy, healthy, sleeping babies. We are very grateful to have had her work in our home with us, she literally helped us be at our best, in order for us to be the best parents we could be. We never once felt that we didn't have privacy that we needed and never once felt that our toes were being stepped on, which were thoughts that crossed our mind before the twins were born.

We cannot say enough good things about Margaret's work and support. We were always able to be very open and honest with each other and she was always very flexible and able to meet the needs of our family. We trusted her endlessly and she became a part of our family. We are still in touch and she makes herself very available to still answer our questions.''

Anik and Michael Bergeron parents to Julia & Austin

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